Friday, 6 April 2012

Using sox to batch convert .wav files to .raw

I was in need to convert a lot of wav files to raw format (for use within Marmalade SDK). As it is adviced in I decided to use sox command-line utility for audio manipulation. It is easy to convert separate audio file with sox, but to convert all files in folder at once one should write a batch file. I found a batch-example.bat in sox folder and I have modified it in this way:

cd %~dp0
mkdir converted
FOR %%A IN (%*) DO sox %%A -e signed-integer -b 16 "converted/%%~nA.raw" rate 22050 channels 1

Then you drag-n-drop a group of wav files onto this .bat, and voila the subfolder \converted will emerge in the sox folder. This  folder will contain all the converted files, with the same names, but with .raw extensions.

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